A full blockchain system

onefold App is the smartphone part of the Czam blockchain system. onefold and Czam build a full blockchain system providing all the parts you need. That is a unique offer in the blockchain service industry : onefold is offering a very simple smartphone wallet for your Czam blockchain.

A one stop turn-key solution

The Czam blockchain system is a full solution to run your own consortium based or federated peg ran blockchain.

A robust and reliable solution

onefold is based on field proven softwares to provide high availability and bug free experience. This is a production ready system that runs without any hassle.

Internal business transfers

Experiment the blockchain for transfers between internal departments, clearing, automatic accounting, international wires,...

Digital tokens

An internal use token, such as money points in a sport/holiday resort, motivation rewards, loyalty points for end-customers,...

Try it !

This app is providing a simple insight of the Czam blockchain system. With this app, you can discover what is a blockchain wallet.

onefold App is the smartphone part of the onefold Czam system. Czam is a full blockchain system providing all the parts you need to build a fully customized private blockchain.

The onefold wallet app is using demonstration tokens as a free tour of the Czam blockchain toolbox platform. It also provides a teaching tool to discover the blockchain practical and basic principles.

At the first launch of the app, you are credited of 100 valueless test tokens.


Explore the onefold blockchain online with a simple interface

Try the pay wall demo as a payment for content (pay with the onefold app)

Get the onefold smartphone wallet

Your own project-specific blockchain, with all the parts needed.

Czam systems together with onefold wallet are a full-featured system : from the smartphone app to the node servers.